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"COCORICO!" is Carola Bremkamp's first exhibition at the Green Door Gallery. It was originally planned to take place over Easter 2020 and as you can see it is full of vitality, colour and fun. Sadly we have not been able to have the vernissage we wanted, but we are able to show you these beautiful paintings as soon as the gallery opens again. In the meantime, please contact us to arrange a private viewing. 

Born in Germany and after almost 2 decades in Brussels, Carola now lives in Caromb in the South of France, where she has her small atelier.


She uses mixed techniques to create colourful paintings, drawings and sculpture. A keen photographer, she bases much of her work on her own photos. Her main subjects are animals, portraits and plants.


Carola followed different artistic training sessions with the academy "artefact" in Bonn /Germany, the European academy of fine arts in Trier / Germany, "Woluwart" in Brussels and since 2016 with Stephan Geisler, Bochum /Germany.

Exhibition price list. 

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