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Margot A Loudon is a Scottish artist based in Brussels.


Loudon says of her art "In my work, form, line, colour, texture, and “mark-making” interact in an imaginative space, as vehicles of expression. I am especially drawn to the remnants of ancient cultures, physical remains that speak of lost ways of life and beliefs, such as Cycladic figures, archaic statuary and standing stones.

They are basic shapes and their meanings as well as the eloquence heard in their own era are lost to us, but they speak across time of mankind’s creative forces. I fuse these archetypal images with bands or blocks of colour in a dialogue of tones, of light and dark, of sensuous hues, harmonies and contrasts. I seek to create a rhythmical and poetic architecture, on the borders between figurative and abstract work, allowing for the unintended and the unexpected in the act of making."

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