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Heiderose Mohr is a German artist,  living and working near Brussels, Belgium. After a 20 year career in advertising she studied fine arts at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels and holds a Masters degree in painting from Sint Lucas Antwerp.

Mohr combines oil paint with printed images. The digital elements represent the familiar reality: constructed, recognisable, reproducible and “real” through the photographic. The painting on the other hand happens spontaneously and does not follow the rules of the digital image. The oil paint is amorphous, gestural and unpredictable. The painted layers pay tribute to the qualities of the medium - transparency, colour, thickness, brilliance and viscosity.

Mohr’s work presents the irreconcilable, where according to Nietzsche 'everything which has been acknowledged as a limit, as a definition of measure, proves to be an artificially created illusion: ‘excess’ unveils itself as the truth'.

She says "I am interested in the resulting hybrids of the clash of the static and the dynamic, the concrete and the shapeless, the reproducible and the unique."


The artist describes her work as "Dionysiac" her images celebrate new bodies manifesting themselves through a layering of digital exactitude with organically flowing oil paint.

In her words: "(my work is..)a palimpsest of perpetual metamorphosis, shooting like veins through a dark age, violently running off the rails of reason into an unfathomable future."

‘Als Adern durch sein Dunkel’ opens on Sunday 3 September 2023 and runs until 24 September.

Pictured: ‘Caligo & Tela’ , 195 x 135 cm , mixed media, 2023

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