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Lieve Van Thienen

Kairos and Chronos

 13 / 04 / 2023 - 07 / 05 / 2023

The title of this exhibition "Kairos and Chronos" comes from a concept based in ancient Greek philosophy, the idea that there are two perceptions of what we call 'time'. The subjective and non-linear time - Kairos, and the measurable linear - Chronos.

Lieve Van Thienen explains her work thus:
"During the process of drawing and painting, I try to unite this duality within an image. The book 'Silence the time' by Joke Hermsen has been influential in forming my approach to these works."

Lieve Van Thienen works with a variety of techniques and materials. Some of the smaller works are painted on wooden blocks of tropical hardwood (Meranti) as well as oak blocks up to 5cm deep. Some are created using silverpoint - a technique popular in the renaissance era, particularly among the Florentine and Flemish artists.

Lieve Van Thienen's silverpoint images are made by drawing with a fine silver rod or wire directly onto the prepared wooden surface. A finely detailed technique which requires a slow building up of many layers before the faint image eventually emerges. She finishes the images with a layer of oil paint.

There is a serenity and intriguing subtlety to this work. The images shown on the screen cannot possibly demonstrate the subtlety of line or colour, these works really deserve to be seen up close and in reality!

Lieve Van Thienen is a Brussels-based Belgian artist. She holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Sint-Lukas Brussels and along with her practice, she teaches drawing and project atelier at RHoK academy for Fine Arts, in Etterbeek. This is her first exhibition at the Green Door Gallery.

Catalogue and prices (PDF 512kB) 


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