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18 March - 3 April 2022
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3-6pm

Nikolaos’ work is timeless and beautiful. It has a warmth and effortlessness while also seeming thoughtful, empathetic and often profound, communicating with our subconscious in the best tradition of abstraction and surrealism. 

Within the illimitable genre of collage, Nikolaos’ brute yet joyful, whimsical, trying, sometimes controversial and delicate approach – paper, scissors, glue, highlighters or paint – has explored many artistic genres including medieval triptychs, renaissance painting, icons, photocopying, landscape photography, advertising and poetry. Mixing things while composing modern images brings up years of artistic perception and questions the limits of conventions in an unruly manner. His work, ancient in years, becomes vintage in its total absence of digital involvement and celebrates the craftmanship of puzzling realities. 

Nikolaos was born in Kastoria, Greece where he first exhibited as a student along with his best friend Kosmas at the local Arts Centre. He studied Mathematics at Ioannina, Greece where he continued with two exhibitions, one private and one at the French Institute. A collage and an acrylic painting of his were also exhibited at the French Institute in Athens as part of a group exhibition for young talents. He continued with postgraduate studies at Durham, UK where he became the artistic director of the monthly Durham University Arts Magazine, where he made duotone collage covers and took graphic care of the layout. He also had the chance to create posters for many theatre performances and concerts as part of an imaginary company – with his friend Dougal Wilson - called Nebs Communications. While a student in Durham, he managed a rendezvous with Charles Saatchi who kept one of his small collages in his private collection. Years passed by and Nikolaos moved permanently to Brussels where his work in business development strategy and communications consumed much of his time. In between, he managed to do some more collages and publish poetry and short stories in literature magazines. In 2019, one of his acrylic paintings ‘The Prophecy’ was selected for and exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition in London, UK. It is the first time he is exhibiting in Brussels… hopefully not the last! 

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