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Alaskan-raised, Cornish-Jewish, Brussels-based author and artist Tamar Levi has spent her life between desk, bookshelf and easel. Educated in London and Cambridge, Levi has published as an author, illustrator and editor of multiple award-winning books designed for families, classrooms and doctors. Her prized artwork is highly collectable, commissioned by private investors, sold at private auction and exhibited in galleries around Europe.

"The human being behind the written word inspires me on a visual level! I paint a lot of Philosophers!

I celebrate Poets, Activists, Feminists, Revolutionaries and Folklorists. Their characters, identities, histories. The nature of their individual natures. The condition of their human condition as they express the complexity of the human condition. These micro-level personal dynamics are undercurrents we engage with deep inside their often meta-level literature. Then, they time travel! We bring these great minds forward from history and apply their ideologies to our thinking, the macro-level application to our everyday lives. Their characters are simultaneously private and public. Private to us as their thoughts inspire our fundamental actions, thus ever contemporary and present tense. Public as deeply foundational to this world which their cultural contributions have already historically shaped. Their portraits are both solid persons, and symbolically thematic. Their image belongs on our walls as they are akin to family that have made us. We relate to them. They form our world, they are our people." 

Uniquely combining contemporary contour drawing with pen and ink illustration methods and layering that approach on top a firm foundation of art history awareness, Tamar Levi's pen and ink technique both grounds her artwork in traditional portraiture while showcasing a dynamic talent. Her resulting continuous line drawings are prolific, virtuosic and wildly popular.

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